Why you Choose 15 Foot Wide Vinyl Flooring?

Why Choose 15 Foot Wide Vinyl Flooring?

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Wide plank flooring is the best choice for large apartment and industrial areas. Wide plank flooring is usually made of oak, maple, and other hardwood. It’s the most durable wood, which can last for many years. However, Wide vinyl plank flooring is ideal choice for heavy loads and high traffic, also easy to clean and maintain.

Reasons why you choose 15 Foot Wide Vinyl Flooring?

Normally all types of flooring slightly damage for direct sunlight. But vinyl flooring become fade for direct sunlight. If your previous floor damage for lots of footsteps or required frequent repair choose wide vinyl plank flooring. Normally 15 foot wide vinyl plank flooring perfect for high traffic areas. Multiple colors, design and texture vinyl floor available in any supermarket.


Vinyl flooring become one of the most affordable flooring in today Most of the vinyl flooring installations cost much less than other types of floors. If you notice your own floors extremely expensive poor quality and durability, choose wide vinyl floor. Price of vinyl flooring is normally between $4 to 7 per sft. Attractive design:
Different color, pattern and design 15 ft sheet vinyl make your home stunning. You definitely need different type of flooring for your own house, but you don’t want the ugly colors that discolors quickly when walked on.


15 foot wide vinyl flooring home depot is also durable, made of strong non-toxic hard wearing vinyl materials. Most of the 15 ft wide linoleum have the ability to last for more than 20 years. Vinyl floor material resistance to chemicals, sunlight and ozone. When compared with other alternatives like wooden floors, notice it’s not crack, split or break like wood floor.

Easy To Maintain:

15 foot wide vinyl flooring is easy to maintain because it can be cleaned using a simple detergent and water. Vinyl floor not hold dirt so that easily clean without adding any strong cleaning ingrediaents. Stylish:
Vinyl floor designs are more attractive and stylish compared to other regular floors so your house will look beautiful and attractive. Water-Resistant:
15 ft wide vinyl sheet flooring are water resistant, which means they can handle some amount of moisture. Remember this it’s much depends on what type of protection to apply for your own home’s floor.


15 feet wide vinyl sheet flooring have the ability to maintain proper temperature that makes your home more comfortable. The 15 foot wide vinyl flooring lowes does not absorb heat, keep cool home in summer and warm in winter.

Wide Usage:

15 foot vinyl floor widely used in large and small appartment. You can install 15 ft vinyl sheet flooring on wood, concrete and other types of flooring. Warranty:
Most of vinyl flooring has long time warranty. 15 ft wide vinyl flooring warrenty more than 20 years.


The price of 15 foot wide sheet vinyl flooring is low if compare with other types of wood floor. But remember that the price may vary depending on the brand and design. How wide can you get vinyl sheet flooring?
The size of the vinyl sheet that you can lay down depends on your desired layout. Use a tape measure the dimensions of the rooms. Once you have the dimensions, go to your local home improvement store and buy a vinyl sheet that is at least 2 feet narrower than the measurements you took. For example, if your room measures 20′ by 30′, then purchase a sheet that is 18′ by 28′. Normally vinyl flooring sheet rolls size 6 or 12 feet wide.

Not damage for sunlight:

Most of the wood floor damage for sunlight but vinyl floor slightly fade color for sunlight. So you can use this excellent flooring high traffic sunlight area with minimum repair.

Bottom line:

Vinyl flooring is considered as one of the popular interior design ideas for home. You can use it in closets or bathrooms long time without any repair . Also this type of flooring not need routine replacement. So start your next flooring project with 15 foot wide vinyl flooring. who sells 15 foot wide vinyl flooring who sells 15 ft wide vinyl sheet flooring.

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